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My name is Vera V and I play the Violin

Nick is his name, not made of Rin-Tin-Tin

But maple and spruce, I tuck him under my chin

Takes muscles to play, so I take my vitamins!

            from Vera's Violin Song

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Vera's Violin Song mp3
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elizabeth o'bannon

Welcome to my official site.  Elizabeth O'Bannon is a violinist, concertmaster, teacher and newly published author.  A long-time champion for music education, I worked with the Bossier (LA) School Board to develop a strings program for grades 5-12. My passion for creative programming has inspired a variety of community projects and granst, including Classical Connections, Seasons 4 Schools, Bossier Jam’n Bread Chamber Series, and Fiddle Faddle- a music and movement program for young violinists.


“Vera Violin” is my alter-ego of the serious performer ,who emerged as a connection to younger students and audiences. As a performer, my mission is to make music fun for all ages. As a teacher, my goal is to provide young musicians with the tools and inspiration to learn for themselves-the key to success on whatever path they choose. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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